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Soft Tissue Surgery (Bursae, Ganglions, Cysts & Verrucae)

If you have any lumps and bumps on your foot, be sure to get them checked out by our consultants, we can help diagnose all forms of lumps.  Ganglions are a common occurance that we see at Yorkshire Foot Hospital and can be removed under local anaesthetic.

Lumps and bumps commonly occur on the top of the foot or behind the heel bone and are associated to the joints and tendons.


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Verrucae are warty growths which occur on the soles or toes of your feet. They are caused by the Human papilloma virus and can be contracted in any communal areas such as swimming baths and changing rooms. They are highly contageous, and should you be unlucky to catch the virus, precautions should be taken not to walk around barefoot anywhere.

Verrucaes can often be painful and unsightly and extremely difficult to treat.Peoples first port of call is normally visiting the chemist or GP however this will not cure your Verrucae .For those patients with a verrucae which have become resistant to both over the counter ointments and cryosurgical treatments, surgical removal is an option under a local anaesthetic. We are finding more and more people are becoming resistant to over the counter treatments, we advise you book in to see a highly qualified Podiatrist and he should be your first port of call to assess your verrucae as to whether we can treat or surgically remove.

Alternative to surgical removal is dry needling therapy with Dan Broadley. This is a new treatment that the clinic offers to patients with stubborn verrucae, this treatment offers a very good success rate.

Surgery is nearly always carried out under local anaesthetic, recovery is generally around 2 weeks, after which patients can begin to return to normal activities and footwear.

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