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Sebaceous Cysts

What is a sebaceous cyst?

Sebaceous cysts are benign, fluid-filled lumps on the skin and are most commonly found on the torso, neck or face. They grow slowly and range in size from a few millimetres to 5cm and they may become uncomfortable dependent on the location of the growth.


Most cysts do not need removing, however, many people choose to undergo surgical removal due to cosmetic reasons or due to them catching on jewellery and clothes or impacting daily activities.


Dr Wright offers surgical removal and will conduct:

  • A FREE initial consultation
  • Decide whether surgical removal is the appropriate course of action
  • If surgical removal is decided you will be booked in for a surgery date with our friendly reception team. Local anaesthetic will be used to numb the area and a thorough sterilisation of the cyst and surrounding skin.
  • Using an instrument, surgical removal of the cyst will be conducted, followed by a clean, tidy and neat stitching of the skin to ensure your scar is as cosmetically pleasing as possible.
  • You will be invited back to the clinic if any sutures need to be removed.


Here you can see an example of what cyst removal here at The Yorkshire Skin Hospital as part of The Lawrence Clinic:

cyst removal 2

Dr Wright offers FREE consultations for skin surgery. To book a consultation, please contact our team on 0113 2900 310 or via email at

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