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What is Dermatobfibroma? 

Dermatofibroma is a singular small, firm and painless bump which develops just under the surface of the skin. Although they may not cause pain, they can be itchy or tender. Dermatobfibroma’s are common, harmless and can be surgically removed. They can change colour over a period of time and can be purple, pink or sometimes brown or grey. Dermatofibroma usually remain small in size and most commonly appear on the lower legs and upper arms, however, they can appear anywhere.

What are the causes of Dermatofibroma? 

The exact cause is not clear, although, they are formed by an overgrowth of cells within the deeper layers of the human skin. Age can be a factor as they are commonly seen in adults.

Removal of Dermatofibroma:

Dermatofibroma may disappear on their own, although some may last indefinitely. Dr Colin Wright offers surgical removal of Dermatofibroma at The Yorkshire Skin Hospital as part of The Lawrence Clinic.

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