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Helping you with pain, from your head to your toes


Private GP

Wellbeing and Sports Specialist

Sports Injury Clinic Leeds, is based at The Lawrence Clinic in Pudsey.

Our GP and Musculoskeletal practitioners specialise  in the field of Sports Injuries.

We incorporate General practice with a more holistic approach when dealing with musculoskeletal injuries, We look at your overall general health which will include weight, BMR, circulation, together with any underlying structural and biomechanical issues to a sporting injury.

Dr.Ronnie GP Ultrasound


This service is for everyone whatever their level of physical activity. We want to get you back to the best level of function we can! Book a consultation today

At the Clinic, we have the added benefit of inhouse

X-rayUltrasound and MRI Scanning and Operating Theatre Suite as well as specialise equipment like BP Machines and foot bikes.


Some of the services we offer (click to find out more):-

To find out more about these services, visit our Sports Injury Clinic website at

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