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Where does Reiki come from?

Reiki is an ancient healing method originating from Tibet. It was rediscovered in the late nineteenth century, by Dr Usui, director of a small university in Kyoto, Japan. His search to answer his student's questions about the power of historic healers led him to go on a quest for more information. Whilst delving deep into ancient Buddhist and Sanskrit scriptures he rediscovered an ancient healing technique, which through further meditation, he refined. Dr Usui called this energy Reiki and the practice became known as Reiki healing. He passed on this knowledge to selected students through special energy initiations. Subsequent passing down of this initiation has led to Reiki healing becoming known across the world.

What is Reiki?

Reiki means Universal (Rei) and Life force energy (Ki). Many cultures recognise that we are surrounded and indeed have within us a form of life energy which can often be felt. The Chinese call it "Chi", the Japanese call it "Ki", the West Asian cultures recognise it as "Prana". Reiki is a universal energy that is accessible to us all. It is not part of any religious or spiritual system. The body can correspond and connect with Reiki in order to dispose of any negative energies it may be storing and can instinctively draw upon it to help replenish it's own energy sources.

What to expect

A Reiki treatment is a very gentle and deeply relaxing form of therapy. Treatments are received fully clothed, seated, or laying down. In a clinic situation you can expect a therapy session to last around an hour. Following a consultation the Reiki practitioner will ask you to relax whilst they place their hands on your body in varying positions, often working from top to bottom. Practitioners also work in the energy field around your body, you will often see them working with their hands resting a few inches above your body. In this way Reiki can be an extremely non invasive therapy, especially accessible for those intolerant of touch.

How it works

We recognise much more nowadays the depth of connections between the body and mind. It is now more accepted that physical ailments can often create subsequent emotional changes and vice versa. Reiki is a therapy that connects with the body's physical and emotional energies as well as the aura like energy that permeates and envelops your body. Healing of any ailment through Reiki occurs by communicating with all the energetic levels associated with the problem, targeting conditions from several directions. The universal energy is drawn upon to replenish and regulate the energetic composition of the client's body. Reiki can be used therefore to replenish your vital energy, to strengthen the immune system and to ward off disease.

What can it be good for?

Reiki is suitable for healthy and sick people of all ages and works with varying degrees of malaise. It is very effective for physical conditions which may have an emotional causative factor.

Reiki is a great tool for managing stress and pain, and for releasing tension. The treatment leaves you feeling more connected and at peace and therefore can be a very useful aid to those suffering from terminal illness. Following a treatment many people feel refreshed, clearer and more content in themselves. It is so deeply relaxing that you are quite likely to drift off to sleep.

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