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Helping you with pain, from your head to your toes


Rehabilitation after Injury

Our Physiotherapists have a long standing interest in rehabilitation after injury or after  back or knee procedures, we often see patients that are in the recovering phrase. Our rooms are based downstairs and have full wheelchair access.

Physiotherapists can help people get back to work quicker and with the proper immediate care and help build up the area after an accident or after surgery to help speed the recovery process. Our Physiotherapists have worked and are still working with professional football clubs.

We offer a course of hands on manual therapy only and do not believe in letting machines do the job for you. We do not put time limits on recovery as every person that walks through our door is very different.  Once you are on the way to recovery we will inform you of exercises you will be able to do at home .The Physiotherapists will explain in great detail how you are to do the exercises to make sure there is no further injury.

We offer to Insurance companies and Solicitors a full reporting service and rehabilitation program. We see many cases of whiplash injuries and back injuries, together with care after a person has had a back procedure and in need of immediate care.

Our Physiotherapy department enables Insurance companies to rely on our immediate TREATMENT for their client.

We have full MRI ACCESS and have in-house diagnostics of an x ray facility and ultrasound scanning, we also have the added advantage of having a team of Podiatric surgeons on hand should the need arise for any foot surgery procedures.

If you are insurance company or Solicitor and need to get in contact please get in contact with PHILIPPA STANLEY .

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