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Inside the mind of Dr Wright: Our Skin Surgery Specialist

Today we are taking a dive into the mind of our skin surgery specialist, Dr Wright to answer our most asked questions and find out a little bit more about the man behind the mask.


So who is Dr Wright?

Dr Wright was born and educated in Bradford, qualifying in medicine & surgery in 1980, specialising in plastic surgery and going on to train as a GP.

During his busy career, he has treated over 60, 000 patients for surgical procedures and pioneered the use of cosmetic lasers in skin surgery.

He has an incredible passion in helping his patients and has built up a significant patient reputation. Dr Wright always takes immense pride in leaving any resulting scars as cosmetically pleasing as possible.


Interview with Dr Wright, our skin surgery specialist.

Interviewer: So! Thank you for participating today let’s jump right into it, what made you want to persue skin of all medical fields?

Dr Wright: Well, I was interested in it. Every since being a little boy, I loved taking things apart, fixing them and putting them back together – like clocks and toys. Skin isn’t much different, you are trying to remove an article and fix the problem with as minimal default as possible. I did a 6 month shadow period of a plastic surgeon in medical school and out of all the other placements, I enjoyed the plastic surgery time more.

Interviewer: That’s really interesting, with medical school what did you enjoy the most? I imagine it is quite a taxing time.

Dr Wright: Yes well there is a high volume of work to be done, but with medical school, back when I did it because it has changed now, you had to complete the basics before you could see patients. Whereas today you are able to be with patients from day 1, it made seeing your first patients a big event, that was definitely my favourite part.

Interviewer: When you see patients, what do you see more of?

Dr Wright: Moles and Keratosis are the most popular issues that people come for consultations with, mainly because they are worried about a change in a mole or because it is unsightly and is effecting their self esteem. I see a lot of cysts for removal too, they’re very satisfying.

Interviewer: Ah I can see why those would be the most common procedures. Cyst removal is satisfying for everyone – I love pimple popping videos.

Dr Wright: Haha. Yes they are one of my favourite procedures because it is satisfying not just to remove the cyst but to see the difference it makes for a patient. Split earlobes are also one of my favourites because there is a lot of reconstructing involved, you’re fixing something that doesn’t work, you can’t wear earrings etcetera, so fixing them are good fun too.

Interviewer: I’m sure people at home would love to see that too. Is there anything you refuse to do?

Dr Wright: Anything can be removed, but at what cost? I like to meet the patients for a consultation to assess them because they may have a birthmark that can be removed but removing it could cause more damage than learning to live with it. For example, you can take down a wall of a building, but the roof may collapse. It’s important to survey the building first.

Interviewer: That is a very logical analogy, it’s nice to hear that you care about the patients recovery and life after treatment – not simply the yes or no on whether the procedure can occur.

Dr Wright: It is the most important part of the job.

Interviewer: My final question for you, do you have any tips or advice on how to keep your skin safe and healthy?

Dr Wright: The biggest problem for your skin is sun. I’m not saying do not go out in the sun, but be sensible. In this country we have a big problem with going on holiday for 2 weeks and wanting to get every bit of sun we can until we look like a lobster. It’s a very dangerous game to play. Wear your sun cream, put a hat on your head, and keep safe by being sensible. Even in the winter sun, your skin can still be affected by UV rays, daily sun cream is so important.

Interviewer: What a good tip! Thank you so much for your time.


If you have a lump, bump or skin problem that you want to check – whether it is medical or aesthetic please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

We offer FREE 15 minute skin assessments with our skin specialist, Dr Wright every Wednesday in clinic. There is no pressure to follow through on any potential skin surgery.


t: 0113 2900 310


w: Visit our skin services page or Yorkshire Skin Hospital for more information.

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