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Ostenil Injection Therapy

What is Ostenil Injection Therapy?


Ostenil injection therapy aims to reduce symptoms such as joint pain and stiffness related to osteoarthritis and tendinopathy. Injection therapy can provide significant pain relief, however this course of treatment may not be suitable for everyone.

Before having ostenil injection therapy, a consultation with our GP Dr Ronnie Banerjee must be undertaken to decide whether this would be suitable for your individual needs. Before your consultation you will be asked to fill out a medical history form. During the consultation Dr Banerjee will find out more about the pain you have been experiencing, whether you have any medical conditions, in some cases an ultrasound may be conducted and he will then explain the process of ostenil injection therapy, any risks associated and the benefits it may have to your specific area of pain/stiffness.




To book a consultation with Dr Banerjee, please call our friendly team on 0113 2900 310 or email us at 


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