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My experience with a Chiropractor

Having worked alongside Chiropractors for over a year, I never felt the need to ever visit one. Any problems or pain I had were resolved with painkillers or just dismissed as ‘slept funny’ and I put up with the pain.
But I have suffered from headaches and migraines since been a teenager and been on all sorts of medication but they always seem to wear off and I find myself taking something new, but never really getting to the bottom of what’s causing the pain.
Earlier this year I started with tight sharp pains in the base of my skull, emanating down my muscles in my neck and some days it would get so bad that the pain would rise and I’d suffer from a migraine.
After 5 days of this pain, I asked the pharmacy for advice, they told me it was a tension headache and Ibuprofen was the best thing to take with a hot towel on my neck.
The painkillers helped for an hour or so and the hot towel soothed it but it just wouldn’t shift! After the 3rd week of putting up with the on and off the pain that sometimes sent me back to bed, I just happened to mention it to one of our resident Chiropractors, Jeff Ben-Mayor to see his thoughts. He immediately jumped up and said ‘let me have a look’.
I wasn’t expecting him to be able to help, as like most people I just assumed they deal with back pain and that its! But he explained to me what had happened, using the spine model, how small things out of place can affect all extremities of the body. He explained what he had done and what I needed to do to stop it from returning. He made me feel relaxed and at ease the whole time.
After just 1 session the pain had gone! I was amazed!
I now see Jeff on a regular basis on his recommendation and have exercises to practice at home as it isn’t just a quick fix and 1 session is not enough.
It’s now been nearly 2 months now and not only has the pain not come back but neither have my headaches or migraines! I was getting about 1-2 migraines a month before treatment.
I feel so much better, not only in myself but also knowing that I haven’t taken painkillers for nearly two months!
Having seen and heard our patients explain their amazing experiences for the past year and now experiencing it for myself, I cannot recommend Chiropractic care enough!
Why put up with pain, why put chemicals in your body to mask the pain when you can fix it once and for all by seeing a Chiropractor!

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  1. Onlinecanadianpharmacy on July 15, 2018 at 3:20 am

    Thanks, sweetie.

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