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Knee Pain

Knee pain can be felt in the front, back or sides of the knee. It is often a dull pain felt on weight-bearing, movement or climbing up / down stairs. There may be an associated locking, clicking or giving way of the knee. Sometimes there may be swelling, stiffness or difficulty in bending the knee.

The pain may originate from the knee structures (bone / cartilage), the ligaments, muscles or tendons around the knee (like the quadriceps muscles). Often pain may be referred from the joints or muscles of the back or hip.

knee pain

Knee pain may follow a traumatic onset (eg. sports injury) or be related to age-related degenerative change. Commonly it is due to postural changes often stemming from ankle dysfunction, therefore co-management with a podiatrist is used to correct any biomechanical and postural dysfunction.

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