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Helping you with pain, from your head to your toes


Indian Head Massage

Stress in Today’s Society

Stress is now widely regarded to the public as healthy enemy No 1 and according to Management Today, one report from the California Institute of Technology suggested that 80% of individuals who attend Doctor’s surgeries do so because of stress-related diseases. Indian head massage has been used as a treatment method for 1000s of years ,the treatment leaves you with a feeling of well being and can help with headaches

indian head massage

The very rapid increase of Modern Technology enables more people to undertake more each day, such increase brings in its wake additional STRESS and many observers believe that stress will continue to increase, Indian Head Massage is predicted to become one of the fastest growing stress management treatments of the new Millennium, and is proving to be an extremely valuable element of stress management programmes due to the benefits it produces and it’s simplicity and ease of application.

How does IHM differ to Ordinary Massage ?

  • Treatment is carried out to the upper back, across the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face.
  • An ideal treatment during pregnancy or for disabled people.
  • Treatment is non-invasive so can be undertaken anywhere.
  • Client is seated in an everyday chair.

How does it Work ?

IHM works on both a physical and psychological level, the techniques used represent a de-stressing programme for the whole body, by massaging the head and shoulders, energies will become re-balanced and a general feeling of relaxation will be acheived for the whole body.

What are the Benefits ?

IHM can help to :-

  • Relieve eye strain and headaches
  • Improve concentration
  • Relieve physical and mental fatigue
  • Improve joint mobility
  • Relieve stress and muscular tension
  • Promote good sleep patterns

After your treatment

It is a wonderfully relaxing therapy that relieves the stress and tension of modern day living. Anger, stress & tension often build up in the upper body back, shoulders, neck and head regions. These areas are gently, firmly and rhythmically massaged until the pressure begins to melt away. On a physical level treatment can help muscle tension, increase oxygen supply to the cells and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Clients will often report a ‘balanced’ feeling of peace and calm and will usually feel more alert and revitalised, as well as being a relaxing treatment , Indian Head Massage can also be an invigorating and refreshing experience, which lasts around 40 mins

If treatment is carried with oil used on the scalp and upper back which is optional, the following oils can be used :

  • Pure Essential Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Mustard Oil
  • Grape seed Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Jasmine Oil
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