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Hip And Groin Pain

Hip pain is pain arising from the anatomical region of the hip. Commonly hip pain may be felt in the groin, outer thigh or knee. Hip and Groin pain is aggravated by sitting cross-legged and on weight-bearing movement, while relieved by rest. Morning stiffness can go with movement, but returns after rest.

Hip pain
can arise primarily from the joint itself or soft tissue around it or as a secondary site of pain when referred from the back (spine) or pelvis, and treating these may help alleviate some of the pain and reduce stress on the hip joint.

hip pain

Hip pain is common in the over 50’s and with sports. Often it is due to postural changes stemming from ankle dysfunction, therefore co-management with a podiatrist is used to correct any potential biomechanical and postural dysfunction that may be aggravating or perpetuating the condition.

Often hip pain is accompanied by low back pain, and you may find the two are related and be treated for both to relieve your pain.


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