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Digital X-ray Suite

The Lawrence Clinic has a new onsite digital X-ray unit which provides invaluable diagnostic information for Orthopaedic Consultants and the Musculoskeletal team (of Chiropractic, Podiatry and Physiotherapy. X-ray images ensuring patients receive immediate attention to aid in the diagnosis of any suspected fractures or dislocation injuries, and importantly help clinicians better manage patients' complaints.

The system in use is the Plurimat-R. This is a digital DR system that produces high quality images, in just a few seconds. The x-rays are taken by a qualified radiolgrapher. Digital images are then read by a qualified radiologist. Finally, the images are uploaded on computer and available for clinicians to explain the findings to the patient. If necessary, images may be sent electronically to other specialists or a copy can be produced for the patient to take away with them.

hip x ray
hand x ray