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Hearing is a vital sense and one which plays an integral part in your health and wellbeing.

For many, having a hearing problem doesn’t just affect the individual but family and friends as well.

When we have a health problem, we seek help from a professional e.g. Doctor usually within a few days of the problem arising. Addressing a hearing issue however, is often left for months and for many years. The delay in getting good help and advice can result in the problem worsening and impacting on the individual’s day to day quality of life and the lives of friends and family.

If you have a hearing issue we can help. If you are an existing hearing system user, we can help.

We have a weekly clinic and offer complimentary hearing assessments for all existing patients and their friends and family.

Our hearing specialist will review and identify if you have a loss. They will discuss with you how your hearing impacts on your life and lifestyle. If you would benefit from a hearing system, they will allow you to trial the latest hearing systems so you can try and experience the difference. We recommend you bring a partner or family member to the consultation. Familiar voice testing is an important part of the assessment and those close to you will also be able to support you and confirm the improvement to your hearing we are confident we can deliver.

The latest hearing systems are digital, link to your tv and phone, are rechargeable and can automatically adjust to changes in the environment around you.


To find out more, talk to one of our expert team members, we are confident we can help you improve your hearing.

Call: 0113 2600 310 or email:

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