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4 signs you need physiotherapy!

This week we’re focusing on Physiotherapy! So, what is physiotherapy?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines physiotherapy as “the treatment of disease, injury or weakness in the joints or muscles by exercises, massage and the use of light and heat” and while this is correct – physiotherapy can do a lot more for you than treat weak muscles.

Not only can physiotherapy PREVENT injury, it can eliminate pain and reduce your dependency on medications.


Without further ado, here are 5 signs you may need physiotherapy!

1: You feel pain while at your desk or driving
Being stationary at your desk or behind the wheel should not cause you pain. If you’re experiencing back pain or aches as a result of long periods of sitting – this is your sign to see a physiotherapist!

2: You’ve lost your balance.
Are you struggling to keep your balance after sitting for a while, or while going up the stairs? This could be a sign that some of your muscles are weakened and require specific training. A session with a highly experienced physiotherapist would be beneficial to getting you back up and running.

3: You’re in constant pain.
Have you visited your GP only to be told that your back pain is a result of old age? We’re here to prove them wrong! Your life should not be led in pain, we are firm believers that a happy, healthy life is a pain-free life!

4: You’re not moving as easily as you used to.
With the pain of ‘old age’ comes the lack of mobility. WRONG! You should be able to lead a mobile life, and physiotherapy can help you regain movement that you thought you had once lost.


Do any of these points make you question how you are living?


Here at the Lawrence Clinic, all of our physiotherapists practise a hands-on approach with manual manipulation techniques to get you back to you. If you have seen a physiotherapist with the NHS and you’re unhappy with your treatment plan, or you have just been given exercises – let us help you.

Get in touch today, call us on 0113 2900310 or click HERE!

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