Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

What is it?

A pure relaxing treatment for people of all ages, that are going through stress or anxiety or just wanting to be pampered.

Swedish massage, a relaxing and tension busting form of unclothed massage. Designed to ease tight muscles and reduce stress levels,or anxiety  whilst improving circulation and toxin elimination. This form of massage will leave you feeling uplifted, pampered with increased vitality and flexibility.


Where does it come from?

Massage itself is age old, stemming back at least 5000 years, with evidence of it's medicinal use found in many ancient cultures. People have always instinctively rubbed sore points or aching limbs to relieve pain or discomfort. In the early 1800's, a systematic form of massage, was devised by Henreich Ling, a Swede. This form of massage is known as Swedish massage and is based on knowledge about the body's physiology. It is now one of the most popular forms of massage, forming the basis for many other styles of therapeutic and relaxation massage.


What can it help?

Swedish massage can help many conditions. It is a great way to manage pain, relieve stress and psychological tension as well as improving the circulation and detoxification. It can help the healing process by speeding injury recovery and improving the mobilisation of joints and correct formation of scar tissue.


What can I expect?

Swedish massage is a form of massage that is received unclothed, usually on a special massage couch. Soft towels are draped over your body to ensure you are warm, comfortable and that your privacy is maintained throughout your treatment. Traditionally Swedish massage is carried out using talcum powder but more commonly this treatment uses specially tailored massage oils and lotions which your therapist will discuss with you.


You will find this massage is of medium strength with the therapist altering pressure to suit you. Long sweeping movements which work into the soft tissue as well as quicker warming movements will help to relax and soothe away tension. You will be left feeling rested, glowing and more supple with the stresses of the day left far behind you. This massage is a great opportunity to focus on you and to take time to recharge your batteries, Sandra Baille is an expert on massage and people that have had treatment feel deeply relaxed when the treatment has finished.