Sports Massage


Sports Massage Leeds


What is it?

Sports massage is a heavier form of massage aimed at improving muscle function, flexibility and performance. Despite its title, you will find that Sports massage is a great form of massage for anyone, not just "sporty" people. Ensuring your muscles are free of unnecessary or imbalanced tension can help improve posture related problems that can affect anyone on a daily basis. Sports massage clinics are run by Sarah Spearing who is not only a Massage therapist but is also a Choreographer and dancer, Sarah helps many people who have sports related problems. With Sarah having in house training as a dancer she is aware of the injuries that can occur, Sarah will assess and treat the necessary area of the pain or soreness.


Where does it come from?

Sports massage is a blend of elements from eastern and western massage techniques. Research and development of sports massage is particularly strong in the UK and the USA. The last few years have seen constant validation of the benefits of this therapy and the further developments of techniques.


What can I expect?

Your therapist will take details of your health before commencing treatment. The massage is received unclothed on a massage couch although you will often see sports masseurs working ad-hoc at the side of football pitches or sporting arenas. A therapist will start by vigorously warming the body before applying deeper pressure at a level which you are comfortable with. You can expect to work with your therapist too, as they lead you through special stretches which will help lengthen and condition the muscles. The benefits of this form of massage are some of the most noticeable. Freedom of movement and mobility can be dramatically increased, the circulation is boosted, muscles are often noticeably lengthened and injury recovery is speeded.


What can it help with?

There are a great many ways to use sports massage For those participating in sporting activity, sports massage is a great way to prepare for events and reduce the likelihood of injury by improving muscle elasticity and function. Post event sports massage helps recover the muscles, preventing muscle soreness, tension and consequent imbalance.


Anyone however, can take advantage of the benefits sports massage brings. Perhaps you are an office worker in a sedentary life style, and are noticing your posture is being compromised or maybe you have an active occupation which requires repetitive movements or heavy lifting. Sports massage can help you counteract stiffness, tension, discomfort and pain, and can even help prevent injury occurring.