We would now like you to welcome our facial aesthetic service which is run by our practitioner that specialises in cosmetic and oral surgery,A dedicated practitioner of facial aesthetics. There is no better person that can offer our facial aesthetics as he specialises in the head and neck anatomy and knows the contours of the face. He began his aesthetics training in 2015 receiving extensive training from the biggest company in the aesthetic industry. Our Dentist is highly respected in the dental field and a teaching fellow at the university in Leeds. Dr Abbas contstantly strives to stay at the forefront of non-surgical treatments, attending conferences and courses nationally.

Dr.Abbas has a reputation for being one of the most caring practitioners, his aesthetic eye for details and his down to earth approach will immediately put you at ease. Dr. Abbas builts up a good rapore with his patients leading a loyal client base He is both gentle and meticulous and is a pure perfectionist striving for the best for his patients, Facial aesthetics should only be done by a professional body and one that has been trained by the very best. Results are paramount and patients find it easy to form a close bond. At THE LAWRENCE CLINIC we strive to achieve the very best with everyone we have working with us and we have to say Dr.Abbas is a dedicated team member.

We offer a FREE CONSULTATION and treatments for ANTI WRINKLE INJECTIONS are below the average price of starting from £150.00