Deep tissue Massage


Deep tissue Massage is a form of therapy quite similar to swedish massage,deep tisssue massage requires firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deep layers and connective tissue surrounding the muscles,This type of treatment is beneficial to releasing chronic tension.Sarah spearing our sports massage therapist can also help with Deep tissue Massage for people that also have aches and pains brought on by overworking muscles and general stress.


A study has shown that having a deep tissue massage can help lower the blood pressure. Psychiatrists have found that having some form of massage therapy can help reduce stress,anxiety and induce relaxation, having a deep tissue massage help with the hormone levels,boosting your mood and increases a positive mood. Maintanance of the body is very important to help with mental health and emotional health,most of us rush around with work and stressful lives and do not realise till they stop how much they need to relax, take time out of your day to help yourself as you only have one body.