What Chiropractic Care Can Help With



Chiropractic care is both a treatment and management for

muscle and joint pain in any and all parts of the body, including:


  •          Pain that has not gone away with other forms of treatments
  •          Pain from Joints, Tendons, Muscles or Ligaments
  •          Back Pain from Muscles, Joints or Discs
  •          Whiplash and Neck Pain
  •          Headaches and Jaw Pain
  •          Pelvic and Buttock Pain
  •         Hip, Knee and Leg Pain
  •          Ankle and Foot Pain
  •          Shoulder, Arm and Wrist Pain
  •          Sporting Injuries
  •          Muscle Spasm
  •          Sprains and Strains
  •          Tingling in the Hands or Feet
  •          Stiffness and Pain from “Wear and Tear”
  •          Postural Dysfunction and Rehabilitation
  •          Joint Hypermobility (“Double-Jointed”)
  •     Children's "Growing Pains"