Neck Pain, Whiplash & Insurance


Mechanical neck pain can include pain and stiffness in the neck, upper back, shoulders and arms, or even pins and needles or ”tingling” into the hands. There may be associated headaches. This is common after sleeping on a different bed or prolonged work in front of a computer. This may or may not interfere with activities of daily living and is most noticeable as a difficulty in turning the neck, eg,  when looking round or reversing your car. Often the complaint can go on-and-off for years.


Whiplash” is the term commonly given to traumatically-induced neck pain, most commonly arising secondary to road traffic accidents. It may involve a range of symptoms, most commonly neck and shoulder pain, upper back pain, upper arm pain and headaches. Multiple tissues can be involved, including joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs and nerves.       Treatment aims to manage the condition through symptomatic relief and long-term functional rehabilitation.


Chiropractic, like physiotherapy, provides medico-legal reporting on whiplash cases.                 If you have been to other practitioners and have failed to resolve your condition, please do not live with the pain. Let Chiropractic Care help treat your injury and rehabilitate you to full recovery.


Chiropractic is accepted by virtually all insurance companies.                                                             If you have any difficulties getting a Chiropractic referal from your insurance company, please contact the clinic so we can help resolve the issue on your behalf.



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Please ask your insurance company for a Chiropractic referral.