Ankle & Foot Pain


Ankle and foot pain is defined as pain arising from the anatomical region of the ankle and foot. It may present as pain or stiffness on movement or at rest, at any time of day. 


It may arise traumatically through repetitive overuse trauma, from degenerative change, congenital dysfunctional conditions or inflammatory conditions. Pain may be due to joints, ligaments, muscles or tendons.


Commonly, ankle dysfunction leads to changes and pain in the legs, knees, hips and back. Chiropractors treat ankle and foot pain using a package of chiropractic care. There  may also be co-management with a Podiatrist, utilising bespoke orthotic supports to restore normal ankle function, leading to better overall biomechanical stability and function, thus helping making the chiropractic treatment more effective.




Scientific research showing the effectiveness of Chiropractic treatment and management for ankle and foot pain can be found in:


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