Ayurvedic Facial Massage



What is a Ayurvedic Facial Massage?

Ayurvedic facial massage is a delicate and deeply relaxing therapy that aims to bring about energy balance to the entire body as well as relaxing the muscles of the face.

Where does it come from?

Originating in India over 5000 years ago the age old Ayurvedic medical system believes that all matter is made up of parts which can be likened to the elements. Similar to Chinese Traditional Medicine, it also believes that imbalances of any one aspect of your health can put strain on others, thus creating secondary ailments. By improving the depleted aspects of your health through correct exercise, massage, food and even herbs you can replenish that aspects energy and so bring about healing and balance of the entire body. Ayurvedic Facial Massage is just one part of this holistic system.

What can I expect?

The therapist will take details of your health history before asking you to recline on a massage table or reclining chair. Special Ayurvedic oils are carefully chosen, warmed and lightly applied to the face to aiding the gentle movements of your therapist whilst they work the entire face with circular and sweeping strokes. Your energy levels will be encouraged to rebalance helping to bring you a greater sense of wellbeing and inner calm. During the treatment you will be kept warm with your clothes and hair protected from the oil. It is suggested that you remove make up before the treatment. The treatment may often be combined with Indian Head Massage, Foot massage or Reiki to give an extremely relaxing treatment that will allow the strains of the day to drift away, almost certainly guaranteeing you a good night's sleep.

What can it help?

An ayurvedic Facial massage is a great way to relax the tension held in the face. You will often notice an instant boost to your complexion, leaving you rejuvenated with a healthy glow. This massage is an instant stress buster, the deep relaxation it creates is of great merit and it is not unusual to fall asleep. The dark circles under the eyes can often be improved with the increased circulation and detoxifying effect of this massage. Skin conditions are helped through both the physical and physiological effects of the massage and the use of the special ayurvedic oils. Tension in the jaw can be eased helping with pain in the teeth, neck and head. This treatment truly allows you to unwind. Its simplicity hides its effectiveness.